Everyone at the center! GobboDalBen participates in the international cooperation project between Friuli and Mexico


We joined the international cooperation project Everyone at the Center! Training of women and social inclusion for children and young people in the outskirts of Mexico City promoted by Comivis (Missionary Community of Villaregia for Development) and financed by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, with the contribution of various individuals and companies and the patronage of the municipality of Porcia.

The project is about the creation of professional training courses for women at accessible times and places; workshops for young people and adults on gender equality, and the strengthening of the “Juvenil San Felipe de Jesus Center” through the creation of aggregative and training activities, suitable for the psychophysical development of children and adolescents.
About 400 direct beneficiaries (children and adolescents up to eighteen years of age, women, adults and young people, families) and 600 indirect beneficiaries will be involved..

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