We are specialized in sheet metal working and light and precision metal structural work for over 35 years. Since 1981 we have worked alongside companies from different industrial sectors for the creation of metal parts based on drawings, from laser cutting, shearing and cold stamping of sheet metal, to punching and bending, up to the welding, assembly and packaging.


The company Gobbo A. & Dal Ben G. S.r.l. was founded in the early 1980s, but our story began much earlier, thanks to the friendship between two very young colleagues who had started their professional career together in the world of metalworking.

Thanks to that experience, as well as to the passion for their job and their strong resourcefulness, in 1981 Antonio Gobbo and Gabriele Dal Ben, in their early twenties, decided to start their entrepreneurial adventure together: Gobbo A. & Dal Ben GSrl was born.
For the last 40 years, our company has grown and, from a small artisan activity, it has turned into a solid and structured reality, with advanced technologies and specialized staff and customers throughout Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in the sector, our extreme flexibility and attention to customer needs, combined with the reliability of delivery times, we are today a reference point for different industrial sectors, such as, in particular, large systems for catering, electronics, heating, furniture and design, as well as agricultural machinery.


Flexibility and Versatility

We are able to provide complete and tailor-made solutions for any sheet metal working need: we can take care of specific metal processing on the materials supplied. or go as far as producing components and finished products for plants, machines, furniture, electronics, and other industrial sectors.

Costumer service

We share our experiences and skills in the sector, combined with the high technological performance of our production plant, to provide a punctual, precise and quality service.

Reliability and Timing

We pay close attention to compliance with production and delivery times, we employ staff with specialized skills in the various types of jobs and advanced management software for the management of orders and workloads. By doing that, we can offer a speedy quality service.

Competence and experience

Full mastery and control of the production processes allow us to guarantee an excellent quality service and to provide support and advice on materials and processes, anticipating customer needs.

Furthermore, our expertise in the sheet metal working sector has allowed us to start collaborations with other companies for the development of vertical solutions on specific industrial equipment.

Ethics and sustainability

Aware of the impact of our business on the environment and on society, we have always been committed to initiatives that can improve the lives of the people around us. This commitment is reflected in a strong focus on eco-sustainability, starting from the production processes and from the use of latest generation systems with low energy consumption. All the material used and production waste are completely recyclable and are recovered according to the principles of circular economy. We have also started collaborations with local associations and social cooperatives, such as the Social Cooperative S. Mauro di Maniago (PN), to which we entrust some of the packaging.