For more than 30 years, Gobbo A. & Dal Ben G. S.r.l. has operated in the sector of plate blanking and cold forging.
The company was established in the early 80's out of the passion and entrepreneurial intuition of Antonio Gobbo and Gabriele Dal Ben, who, believing in their capabilities and relying on the most advanced technologies, have made it a successful company operating in the area of Pordenone.

Today, Gobbo A. & dal Ben G. Srl is a flexible company that is attentive to market needs, specialising in various sectors that range from catering for industrial kitchens, to electronics, furnishing and design, agricultural machinery, the automotive sector and much more.

Company know-how is based on the values of ethics, reliability and experience, skill, great flexibility and attention to time demands.

The attention and care given to our customers is reflected in our search for solutions targeted towards optimising each individual product through the collaboration and use of qualified personnel, making customer satisfaction our guiding philosophy.